SOSI’s ‘Active from 8’ programme

It is imperative that children have the energy needed to deal with the rising demands of school life. By providing our children with nutritious breakfast we are giving their children the best start to the day.

We must not under-estimate the importance of breakfast as there is much evidence that shows that missing the first meal of the day affects children’s ability to learn and will not give the child the efficient amount of energy to be able to cope with the demands of an active school environment. Eating breakfast also helps control appetite, keeping children focused on learning throughout the
day. Recent studies also support that eating a healthy breakfast in the morning has beneficial effects on memory, particularly short-term and attention, allowing children to more quickly and accurately retrieve information.

Children who eat breakfast perform better on reading, arithmetic and problem-solving tests. Eating breakfast also positively affects endurance and creativity in the classroom. Breakfast affects more than direct learning; it also impacts behaviours surrounding learning in the classroom environment. This is also linked to better attendance and better classroom behaviour which facilitates learning, improving resilience. Children may give up more easily in school if they’re feeling the negative effects of skipping
breakfast and simply will not have the energy to deal with the physical and mental demands of an hectic school life.

SOSI’s ‘Active at 8’ programme promotes a healthy, wholesome breakfast an active start to the day. By proving children with a nutititous breakfast followed by 30 minutes of fun games and activities before they start school.